Player: Logan Shore

Drafted by: Minnesota Twins (No. 860 overall)

Position: RHP

DOB: 12/28/1994

Height/Weight: 6’2”/190 lbs

Bats/Throws: R/R

School: Coon Rapids (Minn.) High School

Previously Drafted: N/A



The University of Florida “Gator Nation” extends far and wide and has it’s tendrils in cities and towns all across the country. Thanks to Logan Shore, “the Nation” now also includes Minnesota. The Gators fought hard for Shore’s services, and thanks to his two-way capability, they’re getting a heck of a deal.

Shore is one of the top two-way players in this year’s class, but he’s likely to end up on the mound as a pro. Minnesota’s high school season begins in late April, so most teams have yet to get a real good look at Shore, but those who have have witnessed an incredible athlete capable of producing easy low-90s heat. Shore became the first freshman in Coon Rapids High’s history to make the varsity squad.


Full Scouting Report

Note: Numerical scores are on the conventional 80-point scouting scale, with the current score first and projected score second.


On the mound, Shore has a fairly easy delivery. He utilizes a slow but relatively high leg kick. Has a quick release. Has a lithe, athletic frame. Should be excellent at fielding his position. Could stand to put on a little more weight. He’s an incredible athlete who plays shortstop and third base when he’s not on the mound. Shows fluid fielding motion. Shore’s mound presence is a definite plus as well. He has the mentality of an ace when he’s on the hill. He hit a rough patch during his junior campaign when he was felled with a lingering back injury.


Fastball: 55/65

Clocked in the 90-93 mph range; touched 94 mph on occasion in 2012; has no problem carrying velocity deep into games; pitch has some definite life and some sinking power; locates the pitch real well, especially down in the zone; should be a ground-ball machine; really tough for hitters to make consistent contact against his fastball; pitch has above-average potential.


Curveball: 45/60

Shore’s curve is his most developed breaking pitch; more of a cross between a curve and slider; has great sweeping action; has been his out-pitch during his prep career; velocity varies, but usually sits 74-79 mph; will need some definition in order to be a usable weapon at the professional level.


Changeup: 40/55

Has shown the makings of an above-average changeup; incredible movement on the pitch; needs more experience throwing the pitch to make it a usable offering; rarely has had need to use the pitch; control of change is limited at best.


Control: 45/60

Fastball is the only offering he has a real handle on; curveball and changeup are works in progress; both offerings should get better with more usage; can paint fastball pretty much wherever he wants, especially down in the zone.


Command: 40/55

Again, command of fastball is light-years ahead of his other offerings; could benefit from pitching in college; would allow him to sharpen command of all of his pitches, especially breaking ball; won’t ever be more than a middle reliever without improving command.


MLB Player Comparison: Alex Cobb


Projection: Ceiling as No. 3 or 4 starter; more likely career reliever.


MLB ETA: 2019


Chances of Signing: 30%

Few schools have been as determined to keep their top recruits as UF, and it’s actually had a pretty good retention rate the past decade. Shore’s passion for both aspects of the game, hitting and pitching, leads one to believe he’ll be headed to college where he can better decide the path he’d like to take. If he can bring along his secondary pitches and improve command of all his offerings, he could emerge in three years as a sure-fire first-rounder.

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