To many, July 31 is known simply as the trade deadline. Of course, that’s not entirely accurate.

Plenty of deals go down in August; the process just gets more complicated.

To be traded post-July, players must clear revocable waivers. Meaning, in essence, other teams have an opportunity to snatch a guy off the trading block, and the team that offered him up has a chance to yank him back.

To be eligible to play in the postseason, however, a player must be traded by Aug. 31 (11:59 p.m.).

That date’s almost upon us. Which means, for baseball’s playoff hopefuls, the real trade deadline is looming.

Injuries and exposed weaknesses have shifted the balance of power in both leagues. Multiple contenders, including elite squads, are searching for an upgrade somewhere.

With that in mind, here are a few 11th-hour swaps that could benefit some clubs with their sights set on October.

They’re based on the needs of each specific team and players who have either cleared waivers or have been the subject of waiver-trade rumors. They’re also conjecture, naturally. And, as with all trade talk, most of them probably won’t happen.

Still, it’s always fun to speculate.

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