Who else would be allowed into Yankee Stadium or Citi Field in that outfit?

That’s a rhetorical question, so no need to answer it.

Who else could manage to sneak past security and talk to players inside the clubhouse after a loss?

Maybe only a handful of celebrities come to mind.

Who else could make New Yorkers suddenly consider the middle finger to be an obscene gesture after years of it?

Only a pop singer that talks about monsters.

So is the story of Lady Gaga attending a New York Mets/San Diego Padres game on June 10 and a New York Yankees/New York Mets game on Friday night.

Who knew that the boys of summer’s biggest fan was the “Bad Romance” singer? 

Maybe the infamous disco stick really refers to a Louisville Slugger?

Or “Poker Face” can be attributed to a pitcher’s look at the batter before a key pitch?

In the unlikeliest of possibilities, best to hop on the train and take advantage of it.

The Mets are doing just that on Wednesday when they host “Go Gaga for Wright Night” and hand out 20,000 blue foam hands with the index finger pointed up as the “best finger.”

This promotion hopes to boost third baseman David Wright’s election onto the National League All-Star Team.

Wright needs the extra push to get past Philadelphia’s Placido Polanco.

It also mocks Gaga, who stuck up her middle finger to paparazzi (ah, the irony) during the Mets-Padres game.

In both games the pop singer attended, the home teams lost. Maybe she’s slowly turning into Jessica Simpson.

And what possibly could Lady Gaga talk about in the clubhouse with Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez?

“Hey, I heard you have a thing for blonds?”

“What’s gotten into you this year? A .367 batting average with 14 homers and 49 RBI?”

Initial reports stated that she is now banned from the clubhouse. General manager Brian Cashman denied the claim.

Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before she’ll be penning a tribute to the Yankees during their inevitable playoff run come October.

“I watch your games wearing next to nothing/Yankees and I could write a bad romance.”

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