What the heck was that? 

It appears Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers just did a one-two step and threw directly at David DeJesus. 

The umpires discussed it and called a balk on Verlander. DeJesus had to head back to the plate and Daric Barton was awarded second base. 

Verlander tried to explain the whole thing to

Well, Justin, when you do a hop step before your pitch, people are going to notice. Had Verlander not thrown right at the feet of DeJesus, then maybe, just maybe he could’ve gotten away with it. I highly doubt it, though, because it sure was a strange situation. 

Verlander said he was quite embarrassed by the whole situation, but upon seeing the video, he just laughed it off. 

“It was funny talking to the umpires. They gave me a hard time about it, too.”

It’s alright, Verlander, I too would have been ashamed at what just happened on the field. I’m glad that he can just laugh this whole thing off. However, this is something he will never forget because you know his teammates won’t let him. 

Hey, Justin, remember that time you tried to hip hop and pitch at the same time? Good one, buddy. 

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