I sit here and realize I haven’t written Part II to my thoughts about trading Albert Pujols. I just about started writing Part II right now, but it took a backseat to this.

I read Bernie Miklasz’s “Bernie Bytes” just about everyday, and I like what that piece is about. He just writes for five minutes and comes up with masterpieces. It is incredible.

That lead me to writing this. So much is happening right now and I feel obliged to write about it and offer my thoughts…


First thought: Sweet Lou

Lou Piniella is retiring at the end of the season.

Yeah, we knew that was coming.

But these Cubs fans who are ragging on the man? Yeah, that’s not cool. Maybe that’s why you can’t win? Tried fixing everything else. Fix the fans.

It isn’t Piniella’s fault that Carlos Zambrano decided to pick a fight with everyone but a dead goat (blame that on his parents not giving him enough love as a child). It isn’t Piniella’s fault that Alfonso Soriano thought up was down and down was up. It isn’t his fault no one stay healthy.

Why blame the man? He lead a bunch of prima donnas to back-to-back division titles in 2007 and 2008. Then the team blew up in 2009 (gotta blame Milton Bradley, right Chicago?) and haven’t gotten back on track yet this year.

So this is Piniella’s fault? It is his fault John Grabow signed a stupid contract? It his fault that Bradley signed on for three years when everyone and their brother were screaming how dumb that was?

No. Try again.

Jim Hendry is the problem here. Hendry doesn’t have a clue. He is seriously more clueless and useless than Jim Bowden, and that is saying something.

The Cubs can’t move forward until they get a new guy up top, and from what I have heard today after Piniella’s announcement came, that isn’t happening any time soon.

Hendry needs to go and bring in someone, anyone really, that can run an efficient front office.

Bradley, Fukudome, and Grabow are the three names that I said, right when they signed mind you, were going to choke and eat up money that could be spent on useful players.

Was I lying?


Second thought: Burn Lebron at the stake!

What is the big deal about Lebron James signing in Miami?

Sure, ESPN had that idiotic ‘decision’ thing which could have spent on something better. But, I mean, seriously folks…get over it.

Everyone keeps complaining that Bosh and James signed in Miami, and that happened two weeks ago.

Get over it. Really.

James, Bosh, and Wade are all friends. They like each other and they obviously liked playing with each other. Now they want to do it for the next six years. Isn’t that their prerogative?

Who reading this would turn down a chance to win when you haven’t won before? No one. And you can’t even say they did it for the money. All three players took less than they could have made to make this superpower happen.

Oh, and for those of you who think big money empires can’t fall, remember this:

The New York Yankees have won one World Series title since pushing their payroll north of $200 million a year.

They can fall. It can happen.

Will it happen here? Probably not. Baseball is a more physically demanding and tougher sport.

Yeah, took my shot at the NBA and other sports. Baseball tops all. Admit. Move on.


Thought three: USC

USC cheats?! NO WAY!

All I can is that it is about time that the NCAA came after USC. As an Illini fan, I was extremely upset about the Rose Bowl massacre of 2008.

It wasn’t that defeat that made me hate USC. That hatred is there because you always hate the winners when you don’t root for those teams.

But, come on. Pete Carroll has been illegally recruiting for years. How else can he land all of those top recruits? It isn’t the allure of playing for USC. It is the allure of making money while playing.

Why did Carroll leave USC? He figured the jig was up and took off without taking responsibility.

Same goes for other schools getting sanctioned. All I can say is that it is about time.

All of these big, power schools who win all of the time are cheating. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

And basketball? Notice how Coach K assistants are getting nailed for recruiting violations? Coincidence?

Leroy Jethro Gibbs doesn’t believe in coincidences.


Thought four: Trade Deadline

Back to baseball we go.

The trade deadline is coming up and will be interesting. No one is predicting any big names being move, just a bunch of little moves.

Anyone else get the feeling that we’re being watched?

I see Haren, Jackson, Oswalt, Myers, Kelly Johnson, Bautista, Werth, Wigginton, Lilly, Dunn, Willingham, and Uggla all being traded.

I don’t know why, but I just do. Seriously, think about it.

Everyone keeps saying that the market is either weak, or teams are asking for too much. Therefore, no big trades will happen.

This happens every year. A few days before the deadline, prices will drop and big named players will be on the move. I have this feeling.


Thought five: Final Thoughts

Am I the only person that just doesn’t care about NASCAR? Drivers need to do something useful with their lives and play a real sport. It is annoying to see ESPN cover this crap everyday. What’s exciting about it? And if you answer “the crashes,” you need to check yourself. You like to see them possibly get hurt?

What’s up with the pitching this year? Is it steroids being cracked down on and the pitchers are taking advantage?

Twitter. That’s an invention. I do little tweeting, but I follow all of the big national writers to stay updated, and ask a few questions (and get answers on occasion). Also follow Cardinals writers. Strauss, Miklasz, Leach, and Goold make my day sometimes.

Speaking of twitter, Keith Law has some good one-liners on there. He can do some dumb things sometimes (not voting for Carpenter for NL Cy Young; yep, brought it up Keith) or say something that no one agrees with, but the guy knows his stuff.

I enjoy reading his scouting reports, one-line smart alec answers, and hearing his thoughts on a subject. We can all disagree with someone, but acknowledging someone else’s views on a subject can make us argue our side or improve our points more.

Getting tired of the words yet? Don’t be. Some day soon I’m coming out with a book and I expect all seven people who read this to buy it. The name? Southern: The Misadventures of a College Student.

Many stories from my four years in college and other stories from friends that I can use. Should be a best-seller, am I right? Who doesn’t want to reminisce about the good ole’ days?

Yeah, it is over. Hope you enjoyed. Comment why don’t ya?

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