It’s beginning to look like the guy the Boston Red Sox will be adding to the roster at the trade deadline is a guy they already have under contract: Josh Beckett.

The Red Sox have laid out a tentative schedule for his rehabilitation from his supposed “back injury” or whatever it was that was really ailing him prior to being put on the disabled list last month. They will have him throw a simulated game on Saturday and then face hitters next Thursday, July 1.

After that, he’ll begin a normalized routine in the minors, pitching every five days. In consideration of the fact manager Terry Francona has said he will need at least three rehab starts, maybe four, then he’ll pitch in the minor leagues on July 6, 11, 1, and probably the 21st.

Red Sox Nation should look for him to return to action in a Sox uniform sometime around July 26, meaning he will have missed 68 days of action.

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