Jose Reyes is one of the most dynamic players in all of baseball.  His combination of speed and personality makes him one of the most exciting baseball players to watch. 

When healthy, Reyes is exciting to watch.  The problem is that he hasn’t been 100 percent in a while.  Whenever a player like Reyes isn’t 100 percent healthy, it definitely affects his playing ability.

Reyes has recently had health problems, but he is now 100 percent and ready to have a great season.  Reyes had been extremely healthy until the past two years, and 2009 was the worst for him. 

Leg injuries plagued him throughout the season as he only played in 36 games.  He made a recovery going into 2010, but other injuries caught up with him.  He was ready to go but then had a thyroid problem.  You could just see the sadness in Reyes’ face.

He was so excited to get back to playing the game he loves, but he had it taken away from him once again.  Despite his minor injury problems in 2010, he made a good comeback.  He started off very slow, but once he got back into the groove of things, he was on fire.

But with his luck, he suffered another minor injury after he heated up.  He came back soon enough and capped off a solid season.  He played in 133 games in 2010, almost 100 more games than he played in the previous season.

How will Reyes be able to shake off his recent injury bug? 

No one knows the exact answer but Reyes is doing everything possible to prepare himself for the 2011 baseball season.  People close to him say he looks great and Reyes himself says that he is 100 percent. 

I believe him because he has showed that he can be healthy and play almost every game in the season.  It’s not like Reyes has never been an extremely healthy player.  He’s only 27, and I believe that his prime will start this season.

This is Reyes’ contract year but he said he doesn’t want to worry about that.  All he’s concentrated on right now is having a huge season. 

Reyes has a great work ethic, and when he’s healthy, he can wreak havoc on opposing teams.  Whether it’s at the plate, on the basepaths or on defense, Reyes can hurt the opposing team.  He is a dynamic player the Mets are happy to have.

New manager Terry Collins has high expectations for Reyes.  Collins has already told Reyes to be himself and play the game how he always has.  Collins plans “to set Reyes loose” this season.  He will take advantage of Reyes’ speed, and I think they will work together perfectly.

When Reyes is healthy he is one of the best players in all of baseball.  The only question for Reyes is if he will be healthy or not.  Mets fans should be happy because Reyes is back. 

Reyes will have a huge season in 2011 and compete for the NL MVP.  I am really confident in him coming into 2011.  Brace yourself Mets fans because Reyes is going to give us a very exciting season.

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