It is no secret that professional athletes go where the money is, and a player staying with the same team for their whole career is rare.

Trade markets and free agency are always going to be explored and tested by both player and organization.

So the question is, do teams keep the players that their franchises are built around?

The Mets have two of the most dynamic and beloved players in recent New York history: Jose Reyes and David Wright, AKA The Dynamic Duo.

Reyes is one of the premiere leadoff hitters and base stealers in the game, and Wright is a speedy slugger. They both are proud to get their uniforms dirty in the process.

Their teammates love having them for their energy and smiles, but more importantly they are typically the first to give out high-fives, hip bumps, and hugs for a big hit or win.

Reyes and Wright both came up through Mets minor league system more than six years ago and in 2006, both signed extensions that will have them on the Mets for at least another year. 

Reyes has a contract through 2011 and Wright is signed through 2012, but both have options for another season.

They are both 27 years old and have been Mets since before their 21st birthdays. To have them both play another five or ten years is likely, and the Mets should do their best to retain both of them.

Reyes has been sidelined for much of the last two years with injuries and Wright is bouncing back decently from an aberration of a low productivity season, but they are both forced to be reckoned with by any pitcher or team.

This coming winter, it is a possible that the Mets will sign them both extensions that will make them Mets for at least another five years. And that is a move the Mets should make.

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