Toronto Blue Jays star Jose Bautista has returned to the lineup after sitting out following a cortisone shot in his shoulder.

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Bautista Returns to Lineup

Tuesday, May 26 

MLB Lineups reported Bautista was in the lineup as a DH against the White Sox after sitting out the team’s last two games.

Mark Zwolinksi of The Toronto Star reported Bautista thinks he can play in right field on Monday. Zwolinski also reported Bautista threw approximately 30 times at around 90 feet today, and that the plan is to increase his throws gradually. Bautista said he felt encouraged after throwing from that distance for the first time since he was injured, per Zwolinski.

Zwolinski reported on Sunday had received a cortisone shot in his right shoulder. The report stated Bautista had been battling a sore shoulder for nearly a month.

Bautista said that he was experiencing inflammation around the joint but no structural damage, via Shi Davidi of Sportsnet.

Bautista went on to say that other options to fix the shoulder would be exploratory surgery or rest, but he opted for the cortisone shot, via Davidi.

He has been one of the game’s best sluggers in recent years but has struggled thus far this season, batting only .215 with seven home runs.

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