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Our long national nightmare is over. According to multiple reports, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman informed Jorge Posada that he will be the team’s designated hitter in 2011—the final season of his contract.

This information should not come as a surprise to anybody who has paid even casual attention to the Yankees these past two years. Defensively, Posada has degenerated and become an horrific catcher. He blocks virtually nothing (be they balls in the dirt or the plate with a throw coming in) and his arm is an absolute rag.

However, Posada can still hit, his bat is needed in the lineup and the idea of risking the loss of his offense an injury suffered while catching makes no sense at all.

Speculation has been that Posada would slide to DH next season, but the first solid word of the move came from the veteran’s wife, via her Twitter account on Tuesday.

“Yes, Jorge will DH next year,” tweeted Laura Posada.

Wednesday morning brought more in the way of details, via this New York Post report.

The Post reports that Posada was informed of the decision during a face-to-face meeting with Cashman in Manhattan this week. Cashman did tell Posada to “prepare to catch” this offseason. It figures that Posada will catch some next year, but the team is obviously headed in a new direction at backstop.

The plan, according to today’s Post report and multiple rumors, is to have Jesus Montero take over as the Yankees‘ starting catcher and start about 100 games behind the dish next season. Behind Montero, there will be a spring training battle between Francisco Cervelli and Austin Romine.

Questions remain about Montero’s defensive ability and his future as a catcher, but the Yankees are ready to start getting answers from the 20 year old on all those issues. And honestly, how bad could Montero be behind the plate? You can’t be a worse defensive catcher than Posada in 2010.

For his part, Posada is said to be OK with the decision. Earlier this week, Posada had said he just wanted the team to be upfront with him regarding his role.

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