Yesterday, Jorge Posada was hit square in the facemask with a foul tip. He appeared to shake off its affects, and it seemed that today’s day off was just a regular breather with a day game after a night game.

But when Francisco Cervelli came up with two men on in the bottom of the seventh inning, Posada was not sent up to pinch-hit for the solid-contact-challenged backup catcher.

Joe Girardi was asked if Posada was available in that situation, and he replied “No.” When further queried, Girardi said Posada had some “concussion-type symptoms” from that foul tip, and told the Yankees after yesterday’s game that he had some headaches.

Posada was sent to a neurologist to get tested for a concussion and was not at the ballpark.

From there the questioning went to whether Posada would fly with the team to Texas for the road trip. Flying on planes is a no-no with head injuries. In 2008, Ryan Church of the New York Mets flew not once, but twice after suffering not one, but two concussions that season.

Also, this season, Jason Bay of the Mets and Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins have been out indefinitely with concussions. Morneau has been out since July 7.

Girardi said in his postgame presser that the Yankees will wait to hear from the doctors to determine whether Posada will be available. Not saying if he was concerned that if Posada does have a concussion he would miss the rest of the season, Girardi did say he expected Posada to miss some time.

If Posada is not allowed to fly, that means Posada will not make this road trip to Texas and Tampa, but could then take the train to Baltimore for next weekend’s series.

I do not believe Posada has a concussion only from being hit in the mask with a foul tip. I have been hit with foul tips both as a catcher and as an umpire. In the latter case, a 90-plus mph fastball was fouled tipped and hit me straight in the mask, and I fell back on my rear end.

I was shaky for about five minutes, but did proceed to finish the game.

But if he does have a concussion and is out for awhile, this puts the Yankees in a tough situation. With Cervelli and Chad Moeller the only other catchers on the 40-man roster, would the Yankees go out and obtain another catcher, or stick with what they have?

Will they go outside the organization or stay in house? Jesus Montero is the only listed catcher on Scranton’s roster with P.J. Pilettere, a former catcher, listed as a first baseman. 

In Double-A Trenton, Rene Rivera is there as back-up to Austin Romine. Rivera was with the Yankees in spring training and does have major league experience.

I believe Posada will be part of the team in September, but definitely in October. Even a few weeks of rest under a bad scenario would help Posada get back healthy.

But if Jorge can not go, that is a very big bat out of the lineup. If you need more offense late in the season, Montero is the way to go, even if he is the back-up for Cervelli and an occasional pinch hitter/DH.

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