By Larry Barnes | Yankees ‘n More  and The Yankees Daily-Press

For years now we have been advocating the replacement of Jorge Posada at catcher. Until today, our sole point of contention has been Posada’s defense, which ranges anywhere from bad to ridiculous depending on the day.

Today, however, brought to light an entirely new reason to no longer risk playing Posada at catcher.

For the second time this season, Posada had to be removed from a game because of an injury suffered while playing defense. This time, it appears the Yankees dodged a bullet.

X-rays taken of one of Posada’s glove-hand fingers, which was hyperextended by yet another foul ball, were negative. He is listed on the injury report as day-to-day.

Earlier this season, Posada was forced to the disabled list thanks to a foot fractured by a foul ball. The 38-year-old would miss 15 games with that injury. He came back on June third and is still working to refind his swing.

The Yankees are struggling enough to score runs as it is. The last thing they need is to lose Posada’s bat because of an injury suffered while playing catcher. It’s not as if Posada contributes anything defensively anyway. Why even consider the significant injury risk that comes with the catcher’s position?

You only accept such risks when there is some sort of reward to counter balance it. In this case, there is none, especially with the DH spot open.

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