What Jonny Gomes has lost in terms of beard, he has certainly gained tenfold in patriotism.

During the off day of their season-opening series with the Orioles, the Red Sox stopped by the White House to visit President Barack Obama as the defending World Series champs.

What would be more Red Sox than Jonny Gomes throwing on the loudest suit jacket in modern history? The red, white and blue suit arguably made him the most American person in the White House.

The Sox opened the season yesterday with a 2-1 loss to Baltimore, but that was irrelevant as they celebrated last season’s improbable title run one last time before officially turning the page.

Fans and media may not have noticed, but the rest of the team was in attendanceif anyone could manage to divert their eyes away from Gomes‘ jacket long enough to notice.

Other highlights of the day included Obama butchering Mike Napoli’s name and getting laughed at by manager John Farrell, the military combo busting out a rendition of “Sweet Caroline,” and, of course, David Ortiz getting an impromptu selfie with the commander in chief.

On a more serious note, Obama dished on how remarkable the team’s World Series run was in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedies and how well the city banded together to rally around its beloved Red Sox.

All in all, the White House was very red on this day. 

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