Armando Galarraga threw a perfect game this evening.

Unfortunately, the scoreboard will forever show the Cleveland Indians getting one hit.

Jim Joyce’s missed call on the 27th out will most likely go down as the call that instituted instant replay into Baseball.

There have always been controversial calls throughout baseball’s history.

However, that has been the beauty of America’s game. Human error has always been a factor in the game.

Up until tonight, I loved the fact that baseball didn’t use instant replay.

That is until a pitcher who I have cheered for on my favorite team was robbed of history.

Galarraga has seen his ups and downs throughout the last three seasons. He was not on the Tigers’ Opening Day roster this season. 

Nearly three weeks ago he was still pitching for the AAA Toledo Mud Hens. The combination of multiple double-headers and the struggles of Dontrelle Wills forced the Tigers to bring him up as an extra starter.

In the best start of his career, Galarraga could have become the 21st pitcher to throw a perfect game. 

No matter how the rest of his career went, he would have been etched in baseball history forever.

This game should be remembered for the pitching display put on by Galarraga and the outstanding catch by Austin Jackson to preserve that performance in the ninth inning.

That won’t happen though.

In my opinion, it wasn’t just Armando Galaragga who was robbed tonight. 

The entire sport of baseball was robbed by Jim Joyce tonight.



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