After 17 seasons, Jim Edmonds decided to call it a career. Edmonds, 40, agreed to a Minor League contract with the St. Louis Cardinals, but his Achilles tendon injury wouldn’t allow him to go any further with his career.

“Although I feel that I can still play and contribute, the risk of permanent injury is too much for me to chance,” said Edmonds. “As much as I regret this announcement, I feel that it is for the best.”

Edmonds played for six ball clubs that included the Angles, Cardinals, Padres, Cubs, Brewers, and Reds. He didn’t just have a regular career but a good career. Throughout his career, the four time All-Star won eight Gold Gloves and a World Series. He was most known for his skills with the glove in the outfield with his amazing catches, like the diving Willie Mays type catch in centerfield just to name one example.

I’m sure many of you have seen most of his catches live at the game, on TV, or on the internet. One thing is for sure, Edmonds was a fun guy to watch in the field. He’s never won an MVP, but to a lot of us, we’ll agree that he was one of the most exciting outfielders in the game to watch.

Not only was he a terrific fielder, but he was a great hitter as well. He retires after 2,011 games with a .284 batting average, 1,199 RBIs, 1,251 runs scored, only seven home runs shy of 300, and 51 hits shy of 2,000. They aren’t exactly Stan Musial numbers, but fans are just as thankful for what “Jimmy Ballgame” has done for their respected  organizations. Edmonds may not make the Hall Of Fame, but he still had a great career. As one can say, he can ride out in the sunset a champion.

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