Jerry Seinfeld is scheduled to appear in the SNY booth and provide commentary with Keith Herandez tonight.

Seinfeld could tell Mets fans how he really feels about Lady Gaga.

Seinfeld initially wanted to dodge talk about Gaga’s un-lady-like act on June 10, when she made a spectacle of herself at Citi Field during a Met-Padres game.

But WFAN’s Steve Somers egged him on, pointing out during Monday night’s show, “They didn’t escort her out of Citi Field, they escorted her to your luxury box!”

Sein took the bait and tore into Gaga with a barrage of putdowns.

“You know, I changed my mind, you’re right,” he said. “This women is a jerk!”

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for Gaga to make an idiot of herself in Citi Field. She then took her boorish act to Yankee Stadium, where she crashed the Yanks’ clubhouse on Friday night.

Seinfeld has every right to be pissed off about this issue. Gaga has no class about her, and she went to Catholic school.

Viewers thought she was a Mets fan. Then she bum rushed the Yankees clubhouse.

The Mets should ban Gaga from Citi Field. Stay at Yankee Stadium, and get all your attention in the Bronx.

Jerry Seinfeld would agree with me on this.

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