Ned Yost, former Major League player and manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, is leading the Kansas City Royals: to the bright side of things.

Yost was fired as the Brewers manager, even after posting a 83-67 record, his best winning percentage yet at that time.

After his firing, the Royals put Yost as their bench coach, while Trey Hillman was leading the Royals to another disaster season.

But when the Royals front office had seen enough, they gave Hillman the boot and put Yost in charge of things. He has only managed Kansas City for nine games, but during that span they are 6-3.

It might be hard to tell things this early in the season, but the Royals have the potential to be a .500 team to finish the season.

When I mean potential for the team, I mean players like Billy Butler, Zack Greinke, and Joakim Soria.

There are some players that aren’t heard of much, such as Scott Podsednik, who can run and hit around .300.

Ned Yost is improving the team not only in stats, but in chemistry. You see players working together as a whole.

Why couldn’t the Royals think of Yost as manager in the beginning of the season?

It seems like a new era of the franchise is starting with Ned Yost. 


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