For many years Angels fans felt like the red-headed stepchild of Southern California baseball.

However, times have changed and it’s the Halos time to shine.

While the Dodgers still do well at the box office and on the field, they just aren’t the same franchise they used to be. The years of tradition they had were flushed down the toilet by FOX and Frank McCourt. I give you many reasons why there is room on the Angels bandwagon if you want to get off the sinking ship that is Dodgers baseball.

10. The Dodgers sign Garret Anderson and Ramon Ortiz.

The 2002 Angels alumni association called and wants to know where they should send their invitations. It used to be the Angels signing former Dodgers in (and I believe the polite term is) “the twilight of their career”.

Mike Marshall and Fernando Valenzuela come to mind. Ortiz hasn’t pitched in MLB since 2007 and lasted all of 16 games with a 6.30 ERA. It’s hard for me to knock on Garret Anderson, as he was my favorite Angel, but the numbers are what they are: .193 batting average, two home runs, and 11 RBI.

9. The Rally Monkey.

Is there a team in baseball that gets more out of its mascot than the Angels?

If the Angels are down in the later innings and those videos play, more often than not it spells doom for the visiting team. So much so that the Oakland Athletics will not watch the videos like other opposing teams do. The Dodgers have tried to start their own version: They hired some actor to play a Dodger fan to lip sync Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” It’s cool and all, if you go to the ballpark to watch an episode of “Glee.”

8. Angels fans stay for the entire game, less stabbings.

Southern California has the rap of the fans not showing up to the games on time and then leaving in the seventh inning.

Not at Angels Stadium.

The fans know if the Halos are down in the ninth inning, a walk-off victory could be just a few minutes away. And while you’re headed out of the park after a win, you’re much more likely to reach your vehicle without major blood loss.

7. It takes four hours to get into Dodger Stadium.

I just pointed out that SoCal fans show up to the game late. After attending a game at Dodger Stadium this season, I think I understand why.

It’s not that the fans don’t get there on time, it’s that the folks who manage the parking lot and front gate don’t exactly carrying around MENSA membership cards. Once you park, everyone rushes to the entrance, which has no real line to get in and nobody directing traffic.

My party arrived at the gate about five minutes until game time and didn’t get in until the third inning. At least I was entertained by not one, but three Dodger fan-on-Dodger fan fights while waiting.

6. Angels Stadium doesn’t smell like the restroom.

I’ve been to my fair share of stadiums: Oakland, San Francisco, San Diego, New York. However, I never experienced the discomfort I did the last time I was at Chavez Latrine; I was overwhelmed by the smell of urine coming from the men’s room. The odor wafted down from the concourse to the field seats. Disgusting!

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