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Hammond Stadium, the home of the Fort Myers Miracle, showed why it was miraculous.

Even driving through the entrance was entertaining, as the stadium showed its great curb-side appeal with a fountain and two lines of giant palm trees.

With this welcoming kind of feel, the mood was light as spectators were ready for a great evening of competitive baseball.


Food & Beverage: 3/5

The food and beverages certainly didn’t disappoint, but the menu was typical for any kind of venue. Serving items like bratwursts, turkey legs, and chicken sandwiches, there was definitely a variety of quality food.

While the prices weren’t cheap, you won’t have to completely empty your wallet to fill your stomach.

Bottled soda ran at $3.25 while beer ran at $5 to $6. There wasn’t a far walk at all to get to any of the vending stands, so you will not miss much action if you get hungry or thirsty between innings. There also weren’t long lines to get any of these items.


Atmosphere: 3/5

Hammond Stadium provides a laid back environment that is suitable for anybody. It is a great place to bring the kids, as they will be entertained by the baseball and by the Miracle’s mascot.

The stadium does not have a lot of bells and whistles, so you will not feel overwhelmed by a giant screen or an over-powering announcer. All of the employees are very friendly and go out of their way to make sure you have a good experience.

It is not intense by any means, so you shouldn’t expect to have a fan screaming directly in your ear after a good play.

There are luxury boxes that can be rented for parties. They are located in the top part of the stadium, and even with their position, you will still have a fantastic view of the field.


Neighborhood: 3/5

Inside the park on the left side of the stadium is the “Beer Garden,” which is a small bar with seating available.

It is a nice place to go before, during, and after the game to re-fill on your favorite brews.

Very close to the stadium is a shopping center with various restaurants, a Publix, and other stores.

Publix has everything you need to tailgate including beverages, chips, dip, made to order food, etc. If you like a hearty snack before the game begins, I would recommend trying a public sub.

It is not a very busy area, and it is a good neighborhood. Though I wouldn’t recommend it, you could leave your car doors unlocked and not have to worry about a thing.

Once you get into the stadium, there is room to park, tailgate, and walk around before heading inside.

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