After Ozzie Guillen joked with the press about the White Sox being moved to the National League because of a 15-3 record in Interleague Play this season (the best record in the majors in those games), I thought about where Interleague Play is and where it should go in the future.

As this is Bud Selig’s baby, along with the All-Star game, which “counts” for the World Series home-field advantage, I would like to offer some ideas to change it for future years.


1. To DH or Not DH

If AL and NL umpires combined to become MLB umpires a few years back, there should be Major League rules that encompass all of baseball, not separate rules for each home park.

Yes, baseball has currently nine games each at the AL and NL fields across the board, but I believe that to legitimize the game, interleague play should be under MLB rules, which could possibly change the game of baseball to a more consistent rule system.

My opinion : Take away the DH for all interleague play games.


2. Who Plays Who?

Selig and the MLB almost have this right.

The rivalries are played at both AL and NL stadiums, which is the best part about who plays who. Obviously two NL teams need to play each other, but what happens when you have two terrible teams playing each other is you aren’t making as much revenue as the rivalry games, and therefore not gaining anymore with these special contests.

My opinion : Keep the rivalry games, have each team in each division play the same division in the opposite league.

This would help make things a little more even in the division races besides the rivalry games.


3. All Star Game Talk

It’s only an exhibition game, the home-field advantage rule has no reason to be involved with the All-Star game.

The best players don’t get picked in many instances because of the fan’s choosing, which is a popularity contest.

Pitchers who pitch two days before the game generally don’t play, the list goes on and on.

My opinion : There is no place for this to be counting for home field advantage in the largest interleague series, the World Series.


4. Interleague Shortened?

If my Second opinion doesn’t work, I would say stick with the rivalry games, because you could most likely maximize the profits for baseball.

Interleague play would have less of an impact on the final standings and would be more fun for most rivalry series’ match-ups.

Something needs to be improved with it, at least so that Selig’s successor would have less of a reason to kill Selig’s baby, Interleague Play.

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