The San Francisco Giants offense is anemic. It’s not a shocking revelation or something that we didn’t see coming. The Giants moved people all across the diamond yesterday, just hoping that it would help spark something. 

Pablo Sandoval moved to first base. Aubrey Huff played left field. Juan Uribe started at third base.

It’s nice that their players have flexibility, but what did the big rearrangement really accomplish? No matter how you set things up, when Freddy Sanchez is slotted in the three hole, your lineup has major issues.

Is there a savior coming? 

People want to believe that Buster Posey will step in and make an impact, but at this point that does not appear on the horizon. The Giants want him to continue developing as a catcher, and bringing him up to play first base would stunt that growth. 

Eventually, possibly rather sooner than later, the pressure to get offense will force their hand, but for now they are standing pat.

However, there is a player on his way back that could potentially make an impact. 

There’s a chance Mark DeRosa returns either over the weekend or early next week.  While he’s not the feared middle of the order bat the Giants lust for, he certainly can make an impact.

I’ve seen him dropped in many leagues thanks to his horrific start.  Let’s be honest, he has a long enough track record to consider his .194, 1 HR, 10 RBI line a little bit of a fluke.

Granted, with his wrist problems, there is a chance that he is not going to have the power that he’s shown over the past two years. Maybe 20+ HR is a pipe dream (his HR/FB is at 3.6%), but you can be sure that his production is going to be better then what it was early on. Injury or not, a .224 BABIP is not likely to be repeated.

The Giants signed him to help boost an offensive desperately in need of some punch. He should slide right into the middle of the order, giving him an opportunity to drive in some runs. He has also tremendous position flexibility that allows him to play at second base, third base, and the outfield. Don’t underestimate that.

No, he’s not going to be a must use option, especially with the fear of his power not fully coming back. Still, he’s worth owning. I’ve snatched him up as quickly as possible in my five-outfielders leagues I saw him dropped in.  Even if he is just 80% of what he was in 2009 (.250, 23 HR, 78 RBI, 78 R), he’ll have value.

What are your thoughts on DeRosa?  Will he rebound or is he a bust for 2010?


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