Trevor Hoffman is the all time leader in saves with 596 (as of May 21, 2010) in 18 seasons. 

After playing for the San Diego Padres for a long time, Hoffman was acquired by the Milwaukee Brewers before the 2009 season.

In 2009, Hoffman excelled as a closer with the second lowest season ERA of his career with 1.83—saving 37 games to add to his resume. It seemed like this guy was a machine, and his career would never end.

But Hoffman’s 2010 season has been miserable.

As a quarter of the season is over, Trevor’s ERA has ballooned up to 13.15 to tag along with three losses. His record last year for the entire season contained only two losses (and no, he does not have a reasonable amount of saves with five).

Hoffman is at the age of 42. He is aging—and too quickly.

Hoffman is now testing the Brewers patience. 

How long can the Brewers stick with Trevor as a closer—or even keep him on the roster?

Can this be the final year for No. 51?

If it is, it was once heck of a career. 

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