According to an interview conducted by Mike Silva (check out his site here), RP Heath Bell would be interested in coming back to the Mets if the Padres decide to move in a different direction.

Bell even goes as far as saying that the Mets would be his first choice, and that he would love to “lead the Mets to a championship.”

Bell is one of the best relievers in the National League, if not all of baseball. He would be a tremendous addition to the Mets’ bullpen. He would be the perfect set-up man for K-Rod. Also, if needed, he could give K-Rod a break and close every now and then.

Bell has been lights out this year. In 27 appearances, he has pitched 27 innings and has posted a 1.33 ERA. He also has struck out 35 batters for a 11.7 K/9 rate and has posted a 1.296 WHIP. Bell would be expensive, but he would shore up the Mets’ bullpen. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on during the trade deadline.

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