This is getting ridiculous. If depression from the weather hasn’t set in, it never will. For most it has, and won’t go away until the temperatures get above 60 degrees.

Rockies writers are soon going to need to be certified by the American Meteorology Society in order to cover the team.
While rain in May is no huge surprise in Denver, the cold is surprising. The temperatures have felt more like early March than May. Colorado weather is usually subject to changes, which is what makes this so weird. Has anyone seen the sun yet this week?
In fact, with the first snow of the season coming on Oct. 10, postponing the Rockies first home playoff game, the winter has officially lasted seven long months. At some point this has to change, right?
At some point, Colorado will once again be graced with the presence of beautiful summer nights that lend themselves perfectly to watching a baseball game at Coors Field.
Until then, Rockies fans are going to have to wait out this long winter, trusting that a great summer will make up for the amount of horribly cold, wet, and windy days that have made their way through the front range.
Until then, get used to games getting rained out, scheduled for doubleheaders the next day, then getting rained out again.
The Rockies are scheduled to take the field at 12:10 for the first game and 6:10 for the second game. With rain in the forecast and the field a mess, it seems about as logical to try and play two games on Saturday as trying to play baseball in January.
To be realistic, the Rockies may be rescheduling one of the two games for a doubleheader on Sunday that may not happen as well.
So, to make a long story short, it needs to quit raining. It’s getting old. Really old.

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