It’s as if the Colorado Rockies enjoy losing.

Obviously that isn’t the case, but one thing is certain, they don’t like winning enough to work hard for it.
One thing is clear after 161 baseball games: The Rockies are looking forward to not playing baseball for a while. That became quite obvious when they quit playing baseball after 154 games.
To be fair, the Rockies quit once they were out of the race. However, the losses, now at 12 of their last 13 games, are very telling of the team’s character. It proves that when nothing is on the line, they simply do not care.
Regardless of the fact that the each game literally means nothing in terms of the postseason, at some point it would seem that winning meaningless games would still be more fun than losing them. For these Rockies, however, it is clear that’s asking them to work too hard.
The victim of the Rockies lackadaisical attitude on Saturday was Ubaldo Jimenez. He did everything in his power to pick up his 20th win of the season. He pitched eight shutout innings, giving up just three hits while striking out 10 and walking just two. If nothing else, it showed that after 211 innings, Jimenez still has the same stuff.
At this point, it is a wonder why Jim Tracy hasn’t simply been filling out the lineup card with 40-man September call-ups. Why has Chris Nelson been given more of a shot? Why hasn’t Mike McKenry been given a shot to lose the deer-in-the-headlights look and get four or five starts under his belt?
It would make sense if the everyday starters actually cared about what their final record was, but with this group of guys, there is no reason to think that the young players shouldn’t get a shot.
Regardless, the misery continues for one more day. It would be nice to see the Rockies show some heart and actually try for one more day…that, however, might be asking these Rockies for too much.

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