The business of building rosters for the upcoming 2013 MLB season is now almost complete. With spring training now in progress, many teams will now begin the work of putting the best product on the field.

The question is, has each team constructed a roster that can take advantage of its home ballpark?

Baseball is unlike any other major sport in that its playing fields are not symmetrical. Parks are generally defined as either pitcher-friendly or hitter-friendly.

Most teams play much better at home regardless, but it’s a matter of how they construct their teams in order to take advantage of quirks and dimensions in their home parks.

A park like Coliseum in Oakland, with its vast expanse in foul territory, is completely different from Fenway Park in Boston, which features very little foul territory and an inviting left-field wall.

Here is a look at each team’s current roster with analysis on whether or not it is set up for success for failure in its own home park.

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