The Yankees got what they were looking for, they scored in double digits for the first time in almost two weeks. But Sabathia couldn’t tame the tribe and Joba got scalped out of the bullpen.

When the Indians hang 13 runs on you it’s time to make some changes, and it starts by moving Joba out of the set up roll ASAP, he now has an ERA of 5.84 and has three losses to his name.

The heir apparent to Mo might not be that apparent any more.

The problem with moving Joba out of his roll is that the Yankees would have to find somebody else, and I don’t think any pitcher out there in the bullpen can fill that roll right now.

That means it’s time to send some people down, lets start with Robertson and Park, who can’t get a hitter out to save their lives any way so it wouldn’t hurt for them to get themselves back together down at AAA.

Who should replace them? Mark Melancon deserves another shot and Jonathan Albaledejo has been lights out this season, so bring them up and at least give them an opportunity. They can’t do any worse than what the guys up here now are doing.

The offense was the only positive from Saturday, as it looks like Derek Jeter has come out of his slump and Teixeira is seeing the ball better, but Nick Swisher and Robinson Cano are heating up for the Yanks. And they will need every run they can get if they can’t solve their pitching issues soon.

The panic button hasn’t been pushed yet, but changes need to happen for this club to be successful moving forward, no team should give up 13 to the Indians, certainly not a team as talented as the Yankees are (or can be).



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