It’s been a bad year for Cleveland Indians fans.

Most of us Tribe faithful had low expectations when the season began. This was supposed to be a transition year, as the fruits of one of the deepest farm systems in the game got their first taste of the big leagues.

But even if they weren’t supposed to be serious contenders, it’s hard to see the Indians flailing behind even the Kansas City Royals in the basement of the AL Central without wondering how things went this wrong.

It wasn’t just the kids’ growing pains that sent the season off the rails—it was consistent ineptitude from the established veterans who were supposed to set good examples for their whippersnapper teammates.

Face-of-the-franchise Grady Sizemore got bitten by the injury bug again in 2010, (not that he did the team much good when he was healthy). Travis Hafner continued his decline, and guys like Jhonny Peralta, Luis Valbuena, and David Huff all were mediocre at best.

And yet, buried somewhere in the metaphorical pile of vomit that has been the Indians’ season (I don’t think that really makes sense, but it’s a fitting image) there have been some things that should make us Tribe fans feel hopeful and—dare I say?—proud.

Here are 10 reasons why Cleveland still rocks.

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