Most fans believe that games in September for a non-contending team should be designated for the rookies that get called up from the minors, not the veterans of a ball club. This is not the case. And in the Angels position they need to evaluate their current crop of veterans much more closely than Hank Conger or Mark Trumbo.

For Tony Reagins and Mike Scioscia they are going to have to figure out just exactly what they want returning in 2011. With every Angels’ offensive numbers down they will have to judge if a lot of their players had peak years in 2009 or if they played down in 2010.

The Angels pitching looks solid headed into 2011 but the front office has a lot of important decisions to make regarding the offensive make up of the ballclub.

While Angel fans may not like watching the same players continue to get starts this month, be assured there is a method to the madness. These September evaluations will give the Angels a jump start on their offseason moves.

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Eric Denton is the head writer and content editor for LA Angels

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