We can all agree that the impact of rookies in any given sport is sometimes more crucial than that of their veteran counterparts. In some cases, those impact rookies wind up being heroes and godsents for a team, giving a much needed boost of fresh air and talent, while other times, they start hot before fizzling out.

Today, while we await the arrival of one of the biggest impact rookies in recent years (Steven Strasburg) to show us what he’s got, we are already enjoying the contributions of players such as Starlin Castro, and Buster Posey.

And so continues another season with a nother crop of wonderful talent.

So let us take a look at whom I think are the 10 biggest impact rookies in the past 25 years. A debatable topic I am sure, but hopefully an enjoyable read for you!

These players don’t have to win ROY, or a World Series, but rather, simply show themselves to have provided an indelible impact on their team in their debut.

I hope you all enjoy, and don’t forget to add your own selection.

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