We all know that there are some teams that flat out don’t like one another: the Mets and the Phillies, the Yankees and the Red Sox, the Cubbies and the Cardinals.

But there isn’t a single team in the league that couldn’t be a little bit better. The Yankees look a little lost in the outfield as soon as a few injuries strike, the Tampa Bay Rays have question marks up the middle of their infield despite leading all teams, and you know the White sox want to do something about their hitting.

Rivals tend to trade with each other less frequently than with teams from their own division, but sometimes it just makes sense for both clubs to pull the trigger, regardless of the animosity.

I’m not talking about the Yankees sending Derek Jeter over to Citi Field, but surely a piece like Javier Vazquez couldn’t hurt, especially if they got some value in return.

Out on the west coast, would it be so much of a sin if the Giants traded away some of their ample pitching to the Dodgers in exchange for a bat that could push them over the edge in the National League?

Here are 10 trades that teams could make to improve in 2010 and beyond…if only they didn’t hate each other.

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