There is currently a lot of things going on with the New York Mets. It is a new era and a time for renewed hope as a Met fan. New general manager Sandy Alderson is bringing a fresh perspective to the team, and he has already assembled one of the best front offices in all of sports.

Although Mets fans are excited for the team and its future, there are still many questions surrounding the them. One of the biggest questions is how the Mets should handle Carlos Beltran

Beltran is a fantastic center fielder in the last year of his contract. He has recently had a couple of injury-plagued seasons. Many fans wanted Beltran out as soon as possible, last year. After his whole surgery without permission from the team fiasco last year, Beltran hasn’t been a fan favorite.

Although things, currently, aren’t looking bright for Beltran, he still has some things to look forward to. 

There is no doubt that he has a great amount of talent. He is one of the best outfielders in the game, and he’s the definition of a five-tool player. All that depends on if he’s healthy or not. 

Health will be a major concern for him in this upcoming season. He is most likely going to start getting prepared for the upcoming season in about a week or so. 

Sandy Alderson currently visited with Carlos Beltran at his gala. It is believed they have discussed the possibility of Beltran moving to right field for next season. 

Angel Pagan emerged as a star in Beltran’s absence last season. Pagan is a young and fantastic fielder. Beltran is getting older and didn’t show his gold glove talent in the field last season. Although this is an interesting topic, this is the least of Beltran’s concerns. 

Beltran is thinking about where he will be for the 2011 season. Many fans have their opinions on what to do with him, and all of them could work out for the team, but there is a great way to handle this.

Beltran is currently in the last year of his mammoth contract. I think that the Mets should keep him for the upcoming season and have him play in center field. 

While playing, the Mets should hope that he does great, and they should be in contact with other teams who are interested in him. Beltran can get the Mets a few top prospects in a trade deadline deal.

If he flashes some of his former greatness, then almost any baseball team will want him.  The Mets can use some more prospects and this is a perfect opportunity for them. 

If they were to trade Beltran now, then they would most likely have to eat a lot of his contract, and they most likely won’t get any top prospects.

The Mets should handle this situation very carefully. This can be a crucial part to their future. As of now, the Mets are hoping that Beltran is getting in shape for the upcoming season. He’s going to need to be in his best shape to impress other teams. This should be an interesting situation to keep your eye on.

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