Willie Harris’s bottom of the ninth walk-off single wasn’t one of the most exciting moments of the Nationals 3-2 victory last night. No, that came from the Nationals starting pitcher, Scott Olsen.

Olsen’s previous two starts had been an indicator that perhaps the 26-year-old starting pitcher was bound for a strong comeback this season. But no one expected what happened last night.

The Nationals left-hander, who had been left off the opening day roster, took the mound in the top of the eighth after having struck out eight Braves batters.

Olsen was miles away from the pitcher he was in Florida, from being the hurler who had been left behind in favor of a rookie who bombed his final three spring training starts.

With that all behind him now, he took the mound without anyone (aside form Mark Zuckerman ) willing to state out loud the importance of the next six batters, but with everyone knowing in the back of their mind he had a strong chance to become the first Washington National to throw a no hitter.

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