On July 30, 2009, the Red Sox played a day game against the Oakland Athletics at Fenway Park. Little did David Ortiz, or anyone, know that day would change how people would see “Big Papi” for the rest of his life. On that day, Ortiz and his former teammate Manny Ramirez tested positve on a performence enhancing drug test conducted in 2003.

Ortiz treated this situation like the man he was, calmly. He told the media and everyone around him that he was sorry for testing positive, but he also said that he did NOT take any performance enhancing substances. Weeks later, it was shown that when Ortiz was in his home country, he must have drank a juice or energy drink that contained whatever caused the positive test.

Most people believed Ortiz after that, mostly because he is a nice man. But some people still thought he used these drugs. So this year, when Ortiz was asked if he could participate in the Home Run Derby after he was selected to the All-Star team, he quickly said yes for one reason.

Ortiz wanted to prove to everyone that he is a clean, non-drug using player, and that made him want to win this event.

Ortiz captured the Home Run Derby title on Monday night, and he did so in great fashion.

Ortiz hit eight home runs, third place behind Corey Hart and Hanley Ramirez, in the first round. He greatly improved on that total by hitting 13 home runs in the second round, giving him a total of 21 home runs. But Ortiz had one problem.

Hanley Ramirez hit nine home runs in the first round and 11 in the second, giving him the same total as Ortiz at 21. But do not forget about Corey Hart and Miguel Cabrera, who were also in the Semifinals.

Hart did not hit any home runs in the second, which gave him a total of 13 for both rounds. Cabrera had seven in the first round and five in the second, giving him 12 overall. There was no need for a bat-off between Ortiz and Ramirez. They were both in the finals.

Ortiz started out the final round in outstanding fashion. He hit 11 home runs, which tied him with Bobby Abreu for the most in the final round, while Hanley only hit five. Ortiz won the final round by a landslide.

Ortiz hopes that after his great victory in the Home Run Derby, more people will stop thinking of him as a cheater, and think of him more as a player who helped his team win two world series and won the 2010 Home Run Derby. 

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