While I don’t have much time (I am being extremely irresponsible in writing this as it’s 3:15 AM and I work at 8:00 AM, I just thought it would be nice to post something positive for a change. According to Bob Dutton and Terez A. Paylor at the Star, Danny Duffy is set to return to camp. In electing to resume what had been a very promising career, the pitcher who was widely regarded as being the most advanced top-tier pitching prospect in the system heading in the season is reportedly about three weeks away from pitching competitively.

For purely selfish reasons, I hope they put him with the Naturals, as I fully anticipate being able to get to some of their games against Frisco, San Antonio, and Christ’s Corpse.

I know I speak for nearly all of us when I say that we are extremely glad that he has come back and hope that he has been able to successfully deal with whatever was bothering him.

As for my absence, I do apologize. I’ve been insanely busy. Hell, one might even say I’ve been unsanely busy. Some of that busy-ness comes with the nature of being in the pleasure/leisure (pronounced in the rhyming fashion) boat industry in the last months of bearable Texas weather.

It is also somewhat related to the fact that I had to fly out to DC for the second time this spring. This time it was not for a parental visit (although it was nice to see you, Mom and Dad…), but rather for “Jeopardy!” auditions. I am in the contestant pool for this upcoming season, but as I learned a few years ago that is no guarantee for getting the call. My fingers are crossed, and I will keep you posted if anything comes of this.

Since the audition and the various weird things that came about because of it are out of the way, I hope to be able to dedicate a little more time to this blog, among other things. Thanks for your readership, friends, Romans, countrymen.

And more importantly, thank you, Mr. Duffy. Patrick would be proud.


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