Thor Bjornsson, also known as Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in HBO’s Game of Thrones, is in Philadelphia taking in the Phillies’ home tilt against the Arizona Diamondbacks on this fine Friday afternoon.

While your first instinct might be to pack a bag of nonperishables and flee the city, rest assured that The Mountain has come in peace—kind of.

Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia’s John Clark spotted the 6’9″, 419-pound Icelandic strongman on the field at Citizens Bank Park. He’s wearing a custom Phillies jersey, playing with bats and, according to Clark, crushing heads and tossing around the Phillie Phanatic.

Diamondbacks broadcaster Steve Berthiaume tweeted a photo of Bjornsson grappling with the Phanatic:

In fairness to The Mountain, that’s a traditional Westerosi greeting.

On the less fighty side, Bjornsson appears to be having a good time in the City of Brotherly Love. He posted a picture earlier in the day of himself eating his first Philly cheese steak, which looks more like a cheese-covered meat Twinkie in his giant hand:

He also popped into Devil’s Den Restaurant and Bar on Thursday night to meet with fans, where more head-crushing took place:

We welcome you to America, Thor. You may have Philadelphia as your castle if you promise not to burn and pillage the Eastern Seaboard. 


Dan is on Twitter. Brace yourself. The Mountain has come.

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