San Francisco Giants pitcher and living American myth Madison Bumgarner continued adding to the tall tale that is his life by channeling Paul Bunyan for a photo shoot at spring training Monday.

The Giants tweeted an image of Bumgarner dressed up lumberjack style and standing next to an ox. According to the tweet, the shoot was for the Giants’ first issue of G-Mag for the 2015 season. I presume photographers asked him wear “whatever feels comfy.”

That is a large man standing next to a monstrous animal. I’m not sure what breed of ox this is, but if you look closely, Bumgarner’s face appears to be asking, “May I keep the beast?” I hope he hitches it up and rides it through town whistling the tune to “Big Rock Candy Mountain.”

The best part is, this isn’t even close to the coolest thing MadBum has done involving wildlife.


Dan is on Twitter. He is unashamedly Googling ox breeds.

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