Hello, Jason Heyward, so nice to meet you. But as good as you are already, and as great as you’re going to be, you’re not alone. For major league baseball has more of you on the way.

As a baseball fan, I can’t wait!

So let’s take a walk through baseball’s current and next great young players, in no particular order, and see what we have in store for us as fans of this great sport.

We all know that Joe Mauer, Tim Lincecum and Evan Longoria are still young, but they are considered too “established” for the purposes of this article.

Meanwhile, these are all major league ready players who have already burst on the scene or will very soon. And they are real – they are not likely to be one-hit wonders in my opinion.

To keep things equal and fair, I picked five players from each league (not including Heyward, who is a no-brainer).

Keep in mind that while there are plenty of terrific young players these are guys who, in my estimation, have “star” potential.

Ready? Let’s go!

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