Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before a turnaround can be put together.

Yankees starting pitcher AJ Burnett   has struggled the past two months, and Saturday’s start may be the worst yet. Not just because of his performance on the mound though. The worst part is what happened on his way into the clubhouse between innings.

Baseball is as much about keeping your emotions in check as it is about pure talent. The best players normally are able to stay calm through the good and bad times.

Burnett did anything but stay calm on Saturday. After struggling through the first two innings, Burnett took his frustration out on the door of the Yankees clubhouse.

As he made his way into the clubhouse, Burnett apparently slammed his hands on the clubhouse door, cutting his hands on the plexiglass lineup holder that was hanging.

Bring bad memories of Kevin Brown to mind? Sort of, but Brown actually broke his hand after punching a wall and ended up missing time. It appears Burnett will be able to make his next start.

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