Two National League Championship series in two years. Two division titles, but no championship.

Now five-plus years into ownership for the Los Angeles Dodgers, one phrase dominates the nightmares of Frank McCourt’s personal life: “What have you done for us lately?”

Picture it: Divorce papers scattered by a whirlwind in the master bedroom, those words written in red all over the walls, and a man meagerly huddled in the corner clutching his knees and a glass of scotch while muttering, “I never should have put a ring on it.”

Now, I’m not going to say Beyonce is to blame for the problems in Los Angeles, but maybe her advice is strictly circumstantial.

High-profile weddings and divorces are as much a part of Hollywood as Rodeo Drive and miniature dog accessories. The fundamental difference here, is while the public is quick to forget nasty divorces amongst A-List stars because they happen so often, each game for the Dodgers faithful reminds them of their soon-to-be ex.

Frank and Jamie McCourt are continuing to stockpile attorneys, and if said attorneys perform like the Dodgers’ bullpen—well, folks, we’re in for a long one.

However, there is a mirage on the horizon: With all the money the two are spending on lawyers, there may not be enough funds to retain one of the most expensive franchises in professional sports.

While fans await resolution of the issues, solace may be found in the unlikeliest of places. If the divorce continues to drag on, the McCourts may be looking to throw away that old shoebox of saved cards, gifts, and photos, and slowly heal from what they left behind.

It’s a harsh world out there for prospective Dodgers owners, should the opportunity arise.

Los Angeles fans have high standards and high expectations for their teams. The Clippers aside, L.A. sports have always about winning championships and obtaining legends in their own time.

A colleague recently put things in perspective sharply: The Lakers, Ducks, and Sparks all have had their championships within the last half decade, but who doesn’t? Make yourself feel smart and say the Dodgers.

The Dodgers are the last piece to the championship puzzle—the ugly sister still waiting for Prince Charming.

The MLB season is nearly 30 games in, and the “It’s still early” is slowly wearing off. The Dodgers are still in last place, chasing a group of teams that entered the season with low expectations. Dodgers fans were expecting another championship run.

The water is heating up and rising for Frank McCourt, and he will soon be feeling the pressure.

Will we be able to say goodbye to a man that has led the team to four playoff appearances in six years?

I don’t know. Did you desert the team that year between playoffs? Where’s the faith?

Maybe it’s as fair-weathered as Frank was with Jamie.


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