We are all aware of the recent situation between Star shortstop Hanley Ramirez and Manager Fredi Gonzalez, and the good news is is that progress is being made as Hanley said to ESPNDeportes that he was willing to apologize to his team in order to move forward and get along with the season.

Henley’s fight with Fredi left a lot of mixed feelings and confusion to the team and fans, and Hanley is doing what a true athlete and person should do and that is recognize their mistakes and move forward. 

I think all of this commotion made Hanley think about his teammates and the organization that has brought him up to the success he is today. He recognized that he is the leader of this Marlins franchise and that he is going to pull this team through to the playoffs with his bat and glove, and for the marlins to win they need 25 people giving 100 percent every day.

Hanley is a once in a lifetime player and has the chance to become a legend, that we’ll tell our grandkids about, yet he is still growing in many ways, and this so called fight with the media is something that I expect will let the team grow and make them realize that to win and be the best they can be they have to depend on each other and give it all they got. 

This two-time all star short stop is the face and the pride of the Marlins franchise, and he made a mistake, a bad mistake, but as fans and writers we need to give Hanley credit for everything he has been for the marlins, but we shouldn’t only give credit to Hanley.

We should give it to every player and coach, that has given a damn to this team. 

Hanley I respect you, and I respect Fredi, ….. I respect the Marlins.

Thank you for everything and lets have a successful 2010 season!

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