Like any kid who grew up in Pacific Northwest in the 1990’s, I idolized Ken Griffey JR.

He was everything that was right about the game of baseball. He had more fun than anybody on the field, always smiling with his signature backwards ball cap. His non-chalant swing seemed to launch homeruns that, to this day, still have yet to come down.

We felt like we grew up with him, like he was one of us. Just a big kid who loved to play a game. Our game. Baseball.

Where would we be without him? Would I be the die-hard fan that I am today?

Would I be on this website writing about the Seattle Mariners?

Would I still consider Opening Day better than Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my birthday all rolled into one?


Without Griffey, my baseball experience may be much different.

Without Griffey, perhaps I wouldn’t have been able to hold on to my love of the game after the Strike in 1994.

Without Griffey, would I still be able to love the game the way I do after the steroid era came to light, and I had to watch one after another of my heroes fall from grace?

Without Griffey, Would The Seattle Mariners even exist as a franchise today?

All questions I ask myself today as I write this article. All questions that I firmly believe have the same awnser.


Thank you Ken Griffey JR. for you have made the game of baseball a joy for me, and many others.

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