There are still several miles to go in what has surely become one of the most exciting major league baseball offseasons in recent memory. 

But the Texas Rangers got most of their business done before Christmas Day. Barring a major signing of Japanese ace Masahiro Tanaka or maybe one or two smaller depth-related signings, they appear just about ready to head into 2014.

Here, I’m grading each player on the Rangers projected 25-man roster for 2014. While you progress through the team, note that I am assuming that the team will not make any more signings this offseason. That of course, seems unlikely, but for now I’ll grade based on the players the Rangers actually have right now who could be on the 25-man roster.

The grades are evaluated on the basis of the particular player’s importance to the team in his specific role as well as how much the player can contribute to the 2014 team.

Arrangement is not ordered from best to worst grade. I’ll start with the Rangers’ projected Opening Day lineup and then move to the bench, starting rotation and bullpen in that order. 



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