What could be more frightening than the fake, plastic smile Jamie McCourt puts on every time there’s a camera on her? How about the likely source of this whole catastrophe?

It is possible somewhere long ago, before reports of a bitter divorce began to surface, before the future of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization came into question, and before Dodgers fans realized their team may be in a struggle for the long haul, Frank McCourt had the chance to say two simple words: “I’m sorry.”

It’s anyone’s guess as to what events led up to the McCourt’s marriage falling apart. Perhaps it was the grueling schedule a team goes through during the course of a season. Maybe it was a mistake for Frank to employ his wife, mixing an intimate relationship of love with a business relationship of greed.

While playing the “blame game,” fans can blame the mistakes in the contract between Frank and Jamie long before Frank’s attorney erred in his revision: The decision to involve Jamie with the organization.

Here’s an example to illustrate: An heiress of a multi-billion dollar hotel chain records a home movie of intimate moments with her boyfriend, then dumps the boyfriend while he is in possession of the video. Angered, the boyfriend sees an opportunity to be financially set for quite some time. In spite, the video is posted to the internet and the rights sold for a large sum of money.

The topics may or may not be related on practicality, but certainly the emotions and events are similar. It is clear Jamie doesn’t have interest in Major League Baseball, but it is glaringly obvious she wants money she probably didn’t earn, and most definitely wants it to come at her husband’s expense.

Why should all this matter to Dodger fans? Because Frank McCourt is now in the process of settling with Jamie, which would pay his ex-wife an estimated seven figure settlement. The Dodgers would be crippled for several seasons while their now solo owner pays out the settlement. Frank has been quoted several times as having the intentions to keep the team.

The trouble in the organization is deeper than just the divorce. If one were to ask employees of their treatment over the years, complaints would mount to the roof. However, the current plight of team and the disappointments throughout the season can be reduced to those simple words and the opportunity missed to make amends. 

Don’t ever underestimate the power of the spoken word, for hell hath no furry like a woman scorned, and the Dodgers simply couldn’t get out of the way.


Dear Jamie,

Think of the fans!!!

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