I really hate to do this. The story has died, and thankfully so. By now, everyone involved is moving forward, which makes us all better off.

However, I feel it is necessary to reference the Tiger Woods controversy based on breaking news today about Francisco Rodriguez.

I truly believed many would learn from the Tiger Woods text fiasco from a few months ago. My modesty/morals prohibit me from posting a link to the hundreds of articles that printed the excerpts of messages between him and one of his mistresses.

The point is, I figured professional athletes would take note and think twice before sending text messages that could incriminate them in any way.

This is not the case for Francisco Rodriguez.

He is now in more trouble (Who knew that could even be possible?) for assaulting his girlfriend’s father a number of weeks ago. ESPN.com is reporting that K-Rod is now facing criminal contempt charges for sending text messages to his estranged girlfriend.

Does anyone feel a little paranoid over this? Big Brotherish? Think about all of the text messages you have ever sent to your buddies or significant others. What if someone took them and released them to the press?

Personally, I’m not too worried that would ever happen to me.

1. I don’t plan on getting arrested for anything.

2. My messages are as controversial as the ingredients on a box of Cheerios.

Here are a few examples of the incriminating messages and some accompanying thoughts:


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