I have a few choice words for the New York Mets. In particular three specific players that did not partake in a life-changing experience. Those players are Carlos Beltran, Oliver Perez, and Luis Castillo. They recently denied the chance to take part in visiting wounded veterans to thank them for their service.

The choice words: solidarity, brotherhood, camaraderie, unity, and one accord.

These terms apply to a team or a group of people with one common goal to achieve. The terms do NOT apply to the Mets, however. Time and time again this season, this team has displayed a lack of unity and solidarity.

Disrespect and disunity have run rampant in the clubhouse. It shows on the field too. We all know by now of the many incidents where players have been in discord. The list of examples are as long as the list of excuses. Wise-cracking, chuckling, griping, finger-pointing, and ill-fated comments are all the end result of a deeper issue.

Looking back on this season thus far, we can recall, not just once, but several times a Mets player has commented about a teammate being traded by saying, “can I join him?” While this has repeatedly been laughed off in the clubhouse by the players and Morgan Freeman, I mean Jerry Manuel, it is not a laughing matter, despite what “Snoop Chuckles” Manuel thinks. It is a slip of the tongue from players regretting their state in the season.

Any time a player has spoken out against such behavior, they have been cast into exile. Alex Cora and Jeff Francoeur come to mind. This organization embraces laziness and ignorance. It ridicules hard work and respect for the game. How can any team succeed with that type of mentality.

The latest sacrilege occurred yesterday. It seems that the team decided to visit a veterans hospital. It was NOT mandatory for all players to participate, but it was encouraged that they all do. Furthermore, for the sake of the image of this team which is constantly under attack, it would be welcomed that all team players participate. With that in mind, all of them except for three did so.


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