If nothing else, the 2010 edition of the Toronto Blue Jays may be the most exciting team in Baseball.

Off to their second best start in 15 years, this year the team isn’t using smoke and mirrors or benefiting from mediocre play from the Yankees and Red Sox.

They are literally HAMMERING their way to a 25-17 record—good enough for third in the AL East and a mere one game behind the Yankees for the AL Wild Card.

With power arms and even more powerful bats, this team is starting to make the rest of the league take notice.

Can the Blue Jays maintain this torrid pace? With a roster filled with journeyman and young, inexperienced players, the conventional logic says no.

But this team is far from conventional. In fact, they may just take this league, and this city, by storm.

Here are the Top Ten reasons why the Toronto Blue Jays can win the Wild Card

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