When you look at it, major league baseball is a game played using statistics to determine who is the best and worst player over the course of a career.

Those who stand at the top of the game when their careers are over are enshrined as baseball’s immortal.

Well, let’s not bring Pete Rose or Joe Jackson into the equation, that’s another one of Pandora’s Boxes that will remain closed…for now.

But when Dallas Braden achieved perfection on Mother’s Day, it got us thinking…while baseball may be a marathon, what are the most difficult single game accomplishments in the sport?

Because, while Braden has a long way to go before ever being considered for the Hall Of Fame, he has certainly achieved something that has now only happened 19 times in the history of the sport.

Think about it.

This begs the question; Is it the most difficult, or just the rarest?

And is it even the rarest?

Let’s find out.

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