Last August Florida Marlins fans and the whole South Florida area were furious with Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria.

Financial documents had been released showing that the Marlins had actually been making money, when Loria and the front office had insisted that the team was losing money.

The Marlins front office had used that “losing money” sympathy to secure tax dollars to finance a brand new stadium for the Marlins.

Once the documents were released by, South Florida residents and Marlins fans were irate. The local media went crazy in bashing Loria.

This was all helped by the fact that the Heat had just landed its “Big 3” and the Dolphins had made a splash with Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby.

The Marlins fans felt betrayed and ripped off. The other Miami teams were spending money to win, the Marlins were hoarding money for profit while trying to play a sympathy card to secure taxpayers’ money.

Have no fear Mr. Loria, here comes Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to help you.

The way Stephen Ross has handled the offseason has taken all attention away from Loria. The Jim Harbaugh fiasco drew ire. Then the letter to season ticket holders promising an explosive offense next year then hiring a boring offensive coordinator has made fans completely forget about Loria. 

Even as baseball season is right around the corner, all the fans and media want to talk about is Ross.

Loria probably has Ross on speed dial to thank him everyday for taking the spotlight.

It is really hard to determine which owner is more of a sleaze/idiot.

One thing is for sure, there is going to be a lot of empty orange seats in Sun Life Stadium over the next year.

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