The Los Angeles Dodgers are approaching a pivotal stretch in the 2010 season. The next 11 out of 17 games the team will play will be against division opponents. Fewer and fewer anaylists and experts are calling the season “young” as Major League Baseball is nearly 30 games in, with several surprises including the Boys in Blue.

The San Diego Padres are currently half a game back of the San Francisco Giants for the division lead while most had predicted the Colorado Rockies and the Dodgers to get off to the best start.

Look no further than re-tooled pitching for the Giants marking early successes while the Dodgers have been constantly hindered by injuries to key starters and pitching.

However, the next two weeks will undoubtedly mark change for L.A. Key players will be coming off the disabled list and will need to have an immediate impact in their returns. The corresponding roster moves will bring fresh faces to the mix while some exit to await another call.

If the defending National League West Champions want to prove they can defend their crown, the next couple weeks would be a glaring opportunity.

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